Friday, 30 June 2017

How to set up a retreat and remain relaxed myself...

Ok where do I start if I’d like to set up a Restorative and Restful place for people to visit? I figure the first step is make to sure I’m already putting ideas into action. I’m usually great at big ideas but getting caught up in family and farm responsibilities, leaving my inspired possibilities on the shelf. 2017 has been quite different in a lot of ways. I have 3 projects off the ground this year.

Sow The Seeds for you future health. 
A program offered to the local farming community, designed by Dr Douch and myself. We teach preventative techniques for long-term mental and physical health over a 5-week period. Dr Douch is also offering a full health assessment at the beginning and on completion of the program. We are having lots of great discussions around preventing common issues that seem to be a part of aging such as reduced ability to balance, reduced flexibility and strength, poor memory and concentration.

Rural Mindfulness Workshops with Active Farmers
This is a 2 hour workshop offered to remote communities with lots of great information about mindfulness. Assisting with sleep, stress, work satisfaction, energy levels and awareness of the nervous system. Rural Mindfulness

Restorative Dru Yoga Classes 
An introduction to a very restful type of yoga has been very well received this term in Young. Students are enjoying the information that can be used at home and at work to prevent headaches, physical tension and mental exhaustion. At the end of every class someone comes up to me and asks if they can bring a friend next week. Our class numbers are close to 30 students now. We practice with bolsters, moving into beautiful stretching postures, with breath awareness. We complete the class with a simple elevation posture, deep relaxation and stillness.
Find info about my classes on Facebook Narelle Hunter Restorative Dru Yoga

My study in Trauma Sensitive Yoga enables me to provide a safe environment for a client who may have experience PTSD, grief or a difficult life challenge. I do one-on-one work and together with the client, decide of they would prefer to learn about yoga, breath awareness, mindfulness, deep relaxation or meditation. It is a great treasure box full of tools to offer someone who is feel distressed.

Also I started the intention to have 365 Stress Less Days…

We have the stunning homestead available to run as a retreat thanks to our recent neighbouring farm purchase but I am feeling some hesitation as I’m really enjoying the projects mentioned above. How am I going to fit running a retreat into my life? It would be an incredible facility for our community, for regional NSW and our city visitors, so there must be a way to make running this space effortless, without adding stress to my life.

You have to be careful with that when you are a giving person. It's easy to put your health and happiness in the background, when you know you can help others but I’m learning that it's not the best approach.

I can’t help but wonder…yes I’m going to be super cliché here…”If you built it they will come!” I wonder if I could set up a clinic here on the farm and invite people to travel to me rather then me trying to offer care all over NSW.

Stay tuned…

Sunday, 30 April 2017

365 Stress Less days...update

Hello and thankyou for reading my blog, visiting my pages and patiently waiting for updates. When i started this farm blog I was vigilant in posting weekly. I will try to pull up my socks but this is my year of manifesting a few main ideas, so I am very focused.

I have 3 new classes starting this year.

1/ Yoga tree studio Young 4-5pm Restorative Dru Yoga to Rest, Repair and Renew
2/ Yoga tree studio Young 5.30-6.45pm (as above)
3/ Sow the seeds Wellbeing Program fir farmers with Dr Douch Begins 5th June, Boorowa St

and I am now offering freelance Mindfulness Workshops for Active Farmers (Rural Mindfulness)

UPDATE 365 Stress Less Days

I have really enjoyed a mindful month. On the farm we enjoyed shearing because the team where awesome and we worked in our new shed. I was more involved this year which I enjoyed immensely. I have been on the road less and made the most of our school holiday break with the girls on the farm. They rode horses, helped Howard set up for sowing, met with friends and helped me with some great evening meals (we love our food.)

I do feel some tension in my upper body and Im not sure what that is all about. Ive been practicing a more Restorative Yoga which I love and I can feel a deep inner healing happening. Its like relaxing on the inside. I look forward to exploring this more throughout May.

How are you? What stresses you out and how do you cope?

Monday, 27 March 2017

365 Stress Less Days

I find the title "365 Stress Less Days" in my draft folder and wonder why it is sitting there with no blog attached. It looks like another one of my great ideas. I have plenty of them. Ideas and opportunities flow my way constantly from how to make money, the book I could write, what the community needs for better wellbeing, how we can reduce the amount of drownings and assist people that are ill with an app I designed.

This is all well and good but to date there is no book, no app and no invention that is helping the community. If you can hear the subtle self criticism well you could be right. Ideas are only dreams coming true when we choose one and work towards making it happen. To be fair I have been busy raising our 4 daughters who are now aged 15yrs, 17 yrs, 20 yrs and 23 yrs old while assisting with our farming business. My private yoga and meditation work has also been very rewarding as I assist palliative care clients, patients experiencing cancer treatment and my beautiful student with motor neurone disease, dear Skye and some of her close family members.

I have witnessed courage in many forms from my daughters battling with the HSC exams at times to clients battling with insomnia, depression, stress and pain. What I know to be true is that we are stronger then we know, wiser then we imagine and our deep inner calm is the peace that gets you through most things.

So taking on a personal challenge of "365 Stress Less Days" wow that seems a big ask. I suppose the challenge is only asking of me a fraction of what I ask of my clients. I can't tell you how many times I have said, "I don't know if I could do this in your position but you need to practice ...this breathing technique...this mantra...this yoga posture ...and this meditation." Over and over again I have witnessed the beauty of a person who is stuck in their stress, become empowered by their self nurturing choice.

Now you may think I am over dramatising if I could Stress Less for 365 days, after all I am a Dru Yoga and Meditation teacher who should already have a pretty healthy balanced calm lifestyle. On many levels you are right. I have a daily spirituality practice, a daily yoga practice and a new cardio workout. Those who know me well would probably describe me as calm and relaxed but....I am human and if I took this challenge on I would do it for Skye, for Lyne, for Fay, for Lorna, for Di and for my new 90 year old client Irene. I would live with less stress, with a good approach, a positive, proactive, empowered lifestyle for those who we have lost or those who are truly challenged, heartbroken, grieving or alone.

I am willing to take on this challenge and document my progress honestly to show my admiration for the courage of the human spirit that I have been so privileged to witness. As my thank you.

So here we go....

I shall begin April 1st 2017...Would you like to join me...I will offer weekly practices to help you manage your stress...Join by sending your contact details in the form to the right of my blog.

Kind Regards
Narelle Hunter